I am not playing favorites when I posted one nephews images over another.  We really had 2 nephews from each of our brothers, due on the same date in opposite parts of the country.  Baby D was born a week later from Baby I, and he also is an amazingly cute, and sweet baby boy.  The essence of the two parties were the same, but at Baby D’s celebration, there were a lot of grandparents!  For some reason though, Baby D kept putting his finger in my mouth, so I would pretend to chomp on it, and on the flight home from the bay area, we realized, I was catching the cold he had.  Darn it, my body couldn’t fight off a baby’s version of a cold! With or without the movie “Up”, this shot is a huge favorite

Special guest came to visit!

Too pretty to eat, arent’ they?  Steamed rice cakes called dduck