Fall Foliage | Newton, MA

It was a hot humid summer… lots of spots appeared on the tree leaves, and bugs seemed to thrive in the humid weather… then when the fall came, and it seemed to bear no hint of crispness, until the last week of October…  Pumpkins were rotting in many porches around the neighborhood.  The usual trees I admire started to get their foliage, but the colors seemed less vibrant… the overall landscape, less than what New England is known for…

But then, I wondered, just how vibrant the colors can get… are there really purple tones in autumn foliage???

After an all week wind and rain storm, today was the one day that was going to be dry.  On my morning walk with my Roland, I started to look for leaves on the ground… it was a longer route than usual, and Roland probably thought I was collecting strange things in one of his potty bags (clean), but it did come out to be a beautiful array!  The individual colors were there…  I just had to look harder.