Wedding Photography Gift Registry


Thank you for contributing towards the bride and groom’s custom wedding photography/album. Your generous gift is available to the bride and groom to invest into their wedding photography, such as their wedding album(s), or their overall wedding photography investment.  You can be sure the bride and groom will enjoy their wedding photography for generations to come, and will be sure to share them with you!

You can gift in any amount. If you’d rather keep the gift amount discreet, please write us a note along with your payment, and we’d be happy to inform the bride and groom without the amount.


To purchase a gift credit towards a bride and groom:

Mail a check to ( 315 Tremont Street Newton, MA 02458 ) in any amount with the bride and groom’s name in the memo section.  Please make the check out to “Jules Ko Photography” prior to the wedding date.  If you’d like to receive confirmation, please do send us your e-mail address.

If you prefer to send your payment through paypal, please send payment “To”


Once your payment has been received, the bride and groom will be informed of your gift via e-mail with your name.  You will be Bcc’d on the e-mail as confirmation.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Thank you,

*Jules Ko Photography