Did you know, St. Valentine was a Roman Christian priest?   He  was martyred for marrying couples while the Emperor outlawed marriage for a period of time so that the soldiers would stay in the battlefield longer.  If there was no marriage, there wouldn’t be families the soldiers wanted to come home to as frequently.  What a morbid thought… History is wackier than fiction sometimes.  I appreciate this day more thinking back to the roots of a person who fought for love and marriage.

I love flowers and chocolates and romance, so yay for a day that celebrate love, but Valentines day could never compete with my expectations most of my life!  Dan and I have a very bumpy Valentines day story to start our journey together 3 years ago!  On this day, I remember it fondly…

Just 3 days ago, I woke up from a dream where I was upset at Dan for not attending an important seminar with me.  In my dream, Dan apologized, but I was still upset when I woke up.  So in the morning, I told him what happened, followed by a few:  “How could you not tell me!!!!!”  My sweet husband shrugged apologetically and even said sorry for what his alter ego did in my dream.  Sigh, this is what love is!
Happy Valentines day to ones who believe in romantic love, friendship love, family love, and agape love.  Sukhee, I’m so sorry I didn’t get you a Valentine this year!!!  I’m a sloppy friend!

Brownie cutouts Dan so cleverly arranged with my left over brownie edges!