Last summer, we got to spend some quality time with a sweet little boy.

Before the family went on a long trip, we visited their home, and got to see glimpses into a loving family.  It’s always a treat to see friends before and after they welcome a baby into the world, and see how the family has grown.  Even the grandparents were there, and Baby I was busy exploring many things.  Don’t let his full set of hair fool you, Baby I really was a toddler.  To our delight one of our favorite moment was when Baby I started pretend cooking daddy’s socks.  How great is that?  Sock stew with a touch of concord grapes and tropical banana, yum!  Thank you Kim family, for inviting us into your home.  We miss you!

Instead of sock stew, we got to have yummy food at V’s where we caught up with Baby J.