Welcoming a new baby into my own family | Newton, MA

and we are back from maternity leave!

This summer, my family and I welcomed baby #2, our son, Evan.

This pregnancy was brutal… while nothing was ‘wrong’, so many things were newly painful.  Everyday tasks were difficult, as if my body was fighting itself (allergies, irritations, imbalances, etc). The “discomfort” was magnified by a toddler daughter, who was becoming more anxious about the upcoming changes, and staking claim on mommy (between 2-5am at night).

Baby E was an unusually large baby, larger than most twins combined… This seemed to have added to all the pain and literal pressure I was under. He also had some minor issues that had me frequenting the hospital and pharmacy.   At the same time, my toddler daughter may have been losing her mind temporarily. I cried a LOT during the first 10 weeks. There were tears of pain, anger, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.  And to motivate myself to keep going, I ate pounds of chocolate per week.

All this to say, now, 100 days later, some sanity has crept back in, and between the 4 of us, there aren’t too many tears being shed in a day.

There’s no 2nd child syndrome here though, when it comes to Evan lacking any pictures… he is a big teddy bear, and he’s therapeutic … I feel like a better person having him in my life… I think God knew I needed a baby like E.



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