A sneak preview of what’s to come, can you guess?  Here’s a big hint, take a look at the watermark below.

Below is a preview of a recent session.  I think I found a new muse…

Every once in a while, I get fixated on a cute child.  I love young children, and babies, but every once in a while, I see a young child who sparks an extra inspiration/oooooh-aaaaah factor in me.  I think if I did that to a bride or a groom, it would be highly inappropriate.  🙂  I do that to their wedding flowers instead.

Sometimes, it’s a child that looks like myself as a child, other times, it’s child I have a special connection with.  This time, it was a shy little girl who very slowly opened up in front of the camera.  And what you see below was a genuine love between a brother and a sister… Dan thought maybe I was jealous of their closeness, but I was actually melting & impressed.