Prints come in three different formats.

Loose prints:

Highest photo print quality available in the industry.  These are from labs that only work with professional photographers, and should not be compared to the prints available to consumers.  These prints are of course in need of frames whether for wall portraits or table-top display.  Prints are sprayed with a finishing spray to protect them dust and light handling. Beyond 8×10 size prints come mounted for added protection and ease of handling.  When choosing a frame, please make sure the framing matte that comes in contact with the print is Acid Free to the core (often times referred as cotton/rag).  Otherwise, the matte will eventually leak acid and discolor the print where it comes in contact.

Mounted prints:

The above prints are mounted onto  a 3/4 inch gator board (thick, dense,black foam board) with pre-drilled holes for ready-to-hang, without the need of a frame.  Mounted prints come with an extra coat of protective finish, so you can treat them like any other original art, feather dust as needed.  Mounting a print allows the print from warping, or wrinkling over time, and also allows you to mount images onto your wall without adding the cost and weight of frames.  Because of the 3/4″ backing,  your heirloom images will have a modern dimensionality and stand off from the wall, and nails will be hidden in the pre-drilled holes.  Smaller mounted prints (11×14 or smaller) can also be displayed on an easel on table top.  16×20 or smaller mounted prints can hang easily with a simple thumbtack.

Mounted formats also allow collages in defined dimensions.  Below is a 10″x20″ collage.


Canvas prints (also referred by industry as Gallery Wrap):

Canvas print is the most premium print offered.  Images are printed onto canvas, stretched over a wired wooden frame, and the details are crisp, and the color tones are rich and huge on impact.

The printed image continues past the edge and wraps around a wooden canvas stretcher frame.  The lab I have worked with over the years promises the Canvas prints to last 200 years under normal use!

The gallery wrap comes with wire hangers, so all you need is a prominent spot, and one picture nail.  They can also come as large as 40″ x 60″.

This product is like buying a piece of art from a gallery. Here is a portraiture art that captures you and your loved ones in a scale fit for its significance.  Below, a client is holding a 16×24″ canvas on her Christmas morning surprise.  I recommend wall portraits to be 16×24 or larger.  24×36 and larger canvases make great sizes above couches and fire places.

Smaller sizes make great collages along a hallway or a wall.  See examples below.


Do you love more images than you have display space for?  An album of custom retouched images in sets of 10 or more in a linen or leather covered albums will be opened again and again in your family!





If there’s ever a natural disaster, I am confident, you would grab these wall portraits off the wall and run out the building.

It’s a piece of art, customized for your family.


All my best,