I am excited to announce, what was formerly Myung & Ko Photography is now a new and improved: Jules Ko Photography.

Dan and I (Jules) decided to take this step after considering many aspects of our photo business, and to accommodate where we are headed.  I’d like to assure our friends and clients, especially Dan’s friends, that Jules (speaking in third person for some reason) has not plotted a coup and pushed Dan out and dismissed her married name.  As much as we wish we could market ourselves the way Tiffany & co. did, Myung & Ko had it’s share of difficulty to pronounce and brand, and other stigma’s that we wanted to migrate from.  In case you did not know, Myung is an uncommon Korean last name, and is very rare even in Korea.  It means ‘bright’ and as I was informed by the head of the family lineage, it should be well respected and honored.  But that being said… it’s pronounced m+young,  not my-young or mee-yung or mung.  The fact I just had to explain how to pronounce a 5 letter word with no silent letters should indicate why it’s not an easy name to market.  Anyways, going back to the business,  Dan will continue to be my backbone, my confidant, and my Q.  What’s James Bond without Q? Not that I’m James Bond… you get the idea though.  I’m deeply appreciative and will publicly thank Dan for allowing me to operate this photography business on this new journey.

To our current clients, all bookings for upcoming events will be honored exactly the same as we always did, if not better.  We’ll be bringing even better ‘stuff’ to you as we fully transition.  To old and future clients alike, welcome to Jules Ko Photography, we are happy to see you here.