About a month ago, Dan and I traveled to a different continent together for the first time.  We avoided the ‘peak tourist season’ thinking things would be less hectic but there were still abundant fellow travelers, and a little colder than we’d like.

One of the highlights for me was seeing the bbbbbbbbeeeeautiful Notre Dame, get to the tower (Quasimodo’s turf) to see all of Paris, and see these amazing gargoyle sculptures in person.  Now to reach the tower, after walking what seemed like 3+ miles to reach Notre Dame with our camera gear, plus layers of  winter clothing, we had to climb these narrow spiraling stair cases all the way to the top.  I’m not stairmaster trained, so the exercise was a bit much on the knees, but I developed another sense of appreciation for my dad.

You see, when I was a toddler, my family traveled here, and the saying I grew up with was, my dad carried me all the way up the Notre Dame stairs.  I had no idea it was this many stairs, and this narrow of one,  no one can pass by you, and yup, the way down is just as spirally.  Thank you Dad!

And here’s a photo to compare the before and after… Don’t mind the new fencing (French worthy beautiful hardware still).

Hm, I see my hair has gotten a little longer…

more pictures to come soon!  We took thousands of photos between the two of us, for pictures where we are together, 1!