I met Violette through doing headshots of a very good and talented friend, Geam.

She’s a budding new jazz vocal artist, with 2 albums out (that I know of), and a recent grad of Berklee College of Music here in Boston.  She currently resides in NYC, but if her name wasn’t enough of a clue, she is a native Parisienne.  Her latest album is titled, “Joie De Vivre, and is available for download and purchase through iTunes and others through here: Check it out, I think it’s great, especially if you like Jane Monheit’s style which she reminds me of, but more joyous.

Last fall, we went out to grab a full session (I know, very belated on my part), but the early setting sun fought our will.  We then caught a jazz concert she and her Boston band performed at the Vernissage few days later.  Live jazz is such a treat, and their talent was tremendous!