Wedding Album Final Steps

Wedding Album Process!

Congratulations Newly Weds!

You are on your way to select images for your wedding album!  Depending on the credit that was included in your wedding collection, some of the below details may vary slightly.

First, here’s the language.

1 Spread=2 sides or 2 pages.  So if your credit includes 10 spreads, you now have 20 sides!  🙂  Albums can always be upgraded to more spreads (maximum at 35 spreads/70 sides) or different sizes (8×10 or 12×12/11×14) as desired.  Often times, the best album possible may grow into a longer spread count in order to tell your wedding day story adequately, rather than cramming in tiny images into a spread as if this was a scrap book.

Here’s an example of 2 very different wedding albums:
An intimate, “highlights- only” album, in 8×10:
A thorough tale of the day album, in 11×14
You are welcome to pick as many images as you’d like, and I can work within your selections, while informing you that not every selected image may make it into the final cut depending on how the layout design progresses, and how many additional spreads you may like to grow in.  But a rough estimate is 1.5x the number of album sides/pages for the images selection.  So a 24 page album may include roughly 36 images.
Mounted albums come in the following sizes:
Contemporary albums come in the following sizes:
Once the layout has been approved,  you have just 2 more decisions to make for your Mounted Album!  Please make the following selections:

1.  Cover Swatches: we have silk brocades, leathers, manmade leathers (for the vegan or contemporary style preferences), silks (real swatch has a bit more sheen depending on light) and linens.  All swatch shades may vary slightly in person due to the reflective quality of every sample and your monitor calibration.  Black leather, of course is the most traditional.  The swatches are subject to be discontinued by the printer.  My favorites are Brocade_plum, Silk_sage, and Non leather_silver spiral.


2.  Cover opening or no opening?

Having the front cover opening or text helps distinguish the front from the back cover.  You are welcome to choose your cover opening location.  Center opening or Off centered opening?  If you would like a cover opening, which image would you like displayed in the opening?  Please choose an image from  your album selection.  Please e-mail me your selections or if you have any questions!  Your album will be ready for pick up roughly 4 weeks after your payment is received.


*Ordering a thinner, Contemporary Album or a clone Parent Album?

These album covers come in a different set of materials:  Leathers have an additional $40 up-charge.

Comparison between Bride and Groom’s Mounted Album vs. Parent (Contemporary) Album