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Live Forever | Jules Ko Photography

Have you seen the beautiful commercial from Kodak? I have no bias for Kodak, but I love the message in this commercial. It’s not speedy, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing. This is why I am a photographer. This is why photos are my treasures. And along that note…  she lives forever…


Hair Dilemma

It’s been an ongoing tug and pull since college. I whack my hair off short enough to reveal the hair line at the top of my neck, and then many months later, when I get tired of keeping hair off my face, I grow it out long enough to put up in a french twist…


Sneak Peaks from recent weddings | Jules Ko Photography

A quick sneak preview from the last two weeks, same images as sampled on Facebook, but better images quality~  Enjoy! * Be a friend of Jules Ko Photography on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Subscribe on Google Reader


Congratulations Katharine and Mike! | Jules Ko Photography

I met up with Joyelle West earlier in the summer, and when the opportunity came up to second shoot with her, I was so excited!  But to make things “memorable,” a week before the scheduled date, I had received some bad news which 2 weeks later led to a medical emergency.  So I could have…


Meet Natalie and Nelson! | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

Natalie and Nelson met through friends where Nelson first thought Natalie was taken, because she was with her brother, Nathan~ I wonder how many times that has happened others?  I know I’ve mistaken couples as siblings before because they seem to look alike and have similar names.  I’ve gotten out of a car with my…


Jason and Yvonne Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

Jason and Yvonne has a baby-toddler, W, who was around 18 months at the time this session took place.   What happens when we schedule an outdoor summer session around the a baby’s nap schedule, was a really really bright sunny middle of the day without a hint of cloud in the sky.  But the hot…


Altvil Sailing Outing | Jules Ko Photography | Newport

Sailing, Newport, Racing, The America’s Cup class twelve metre, all new terriorty and terminology to me, but when a friend referred me to shoot their company’s sail outing, I was excited to try something new!  But after I committed to cover the event, I was feeling very nauseous with this summer’s medical emergency, but thankfully,…

Something new Part 1: Boudoir | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

The post below is password protected.  It is meant for many readers of this blog, so the password is super easy: boudoir But I also respect the gentlemen readers’ eyes, that the post below isn’t meant for you. Excerpt from post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Within the photography business, Dan and I ponder hypothetical questions every once in…


Protected: Something new Part 2: Boudoir | Jules Ko Photoraphy | Boston

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.