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Sneak Peeks from the past few weekend weddings | Jules Ko Photography

Because Facebook lowers the image quality, here’s a collection of the past few week’s wedding sneak peeks. Yesterday, the sky was so beautiful with these huge fluffy clouds, but then, by the time it was time to head out for the scheduled time, it felt like there was 2 inches of rain river flooding the…


Katherine and Will's Wedding | Jules Ko Boston Photographer

Spending an hour or more with a couple during the engagement portrait session is obviously not enough to get to know a couple.  But spend a whole day with a bride and groom, I get to know a LOT about their personalities, their history, and their chemistry with their loved ones.  Katherine and Will are…


Congratulations Namie and Levi | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

Wedding days always overflow with love, but Namie and Levi’s wedding seemed to overflow more than others.  The very romantic and sweet couple were soaked in love for each other as well as the loving support of their happy family and friends. But there were many unique circumstances throughout the day. I arrived at the…


Jackie's Bridal Session Sneak Peak | Jules Ko Photography

A beautiful afternoon, a beautiful bride, beautiful setting, and beautiful flowers:  A sneak peek for more to come soon, * Be a friend of Jules Ko Photography on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Subscribe on Google Reader


Giveaway Winners!

My friends and readers, Each of you lead precious, special lives! Thank you so much for sharing the unique answers to the question posed on the favorite place blog. I’m so excited to learn of each person’s favorite place, and I’m either eager to book a flight to a special place, or want to appreciate…


Kara & Nick Family Portraits | Jules Ko Boston Portrait Photographer

To blogs ago, I mentioned Kara photographing Dan and I for our 2nd anniversary portrait session.  It was actually a scheme we up with to exchange our services.  Kara and her husband Nick have a beautiful little baby, and what happens when one of the parents is the photographer?  No family portraits aside from snap…


Where is your favorite place? Enter to win a prize| Jules Ko Photography

Few months ago, we tossed around the idea of traveling to one of Dan’s favorite places in Switzerland.  We put that in the back burner to be more budget conscience.  Then he asked if I’d like to go to Orlando-Disney World instead for my birthday. Ahem… I have a thing for Disney (not just the…


Happy Anniversary | Jules Ko Boston Photographer

Last week was our 2nd wedding anniversary! I’m not being cheesy, it has been the best 2 years of my life, despite the good times and less good times~ On our first wedding anniversary, Dan was out of the country.  So for the second anniversary, he took the extra step to take some time out…


Diana and John's Engagement Session | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

What do you get when you have a couple of mathematicians and several higher education degrees and an ice skater/rock climber together for an engagement session?  Awwe and shock in a good way. I’ve been attending the same church with Diana and John for the past 2 years, but haven’t had the pleasure of getting…