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Seaport Wedding | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

This wedding season, I started something new.  Second shooting with high end New England Area Photographers. Although Dan and I shoot most weddings together, neither of us are pegged as the second shooter role.  I hadn’t been his second shooter since the first wedding I shot 2 years ago. Second shooting is great!  Less work,…


Karen & Miles | Jules Ko Photography | New York City

While catching up on past sessions… I met Karen at a wedding event I was photographing earlier in the summer.  She had the kindest smile, and turned to me while I was weaving the crowd, and said that I have the best job, capturing people’s joys.  I was impressed at the way she worded her…


Am I a Mr. or a Ms.? | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

I grew up part of my life around an extended family, where men were valued over women.  I’m not blaming all my hair-raising sensitive views on “equal-value-between-the-genders” view to be in reaction to that, since in my own immediate family there were no hints of that.  But having the name “Jules” can humorously be mistaken for a…


Pam and Dave's Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

I photographed a friend’s baby shower and compiled the images into an album.  Then the friend’s husband who’s also a good friend, took that album and took it to work, and showed it to his boss.  His boss then hired me to photograph their eldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  But since the Bat Mizvah was a…


Congratulations Vy & Vuong! | Jules Ko Photography

This is a sneak preview to Vy and Vuong’s beautiful celebration. More to come soon!  I love Vy’s dress, but there’s another beautiful dress coming! * Be a friend of Jules Ko Photography on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Subscribe on Google Reader


Sneak Peaks Angela & Kenny's wedding | Jules Ko Photography

A sneak peak from a beautiful and happy couple from this past weekend’s wedding in Andover and Quincy. * Be a friend of Jules Ko Photography on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Subscribe on Google Reader


Jodi and Gary's Winter Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography

How about a winter session in the middle of the summer to refresh you? This session is really, long overdue, this took place at the beginning of this year.  Jodi and Gary’s family currently live in Costa Rica, but they used to be prominent members in Cambridge, as the pastoral family at my church.  They…


Jackie's Bridal Session | Jules Ko Photography

Wedding days are so packed and scheduled to every minute, with many loved ones wanting to spend time with the bride and groom, there might even be a traffic delay or a weather glitch.  When all that and more adds up, even a long wedding day will pass by in a blur for the bride…


Suprises along the way | Jules Ko Photography

Hello Friends and Internet, It has been a long time since I last blogged.  The last 10 weeks or so, we have been going through some excitement that led to difficult news, then, it turned into an emergency risky surgery.  It has been challenging to keep up with commitments to my clients, and my responsibilities…