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Guestbook: Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photography

Today was a gorgeous day in Boston.  After having back to back floods, the sunglasses and flipflops seem to pop up everywhere.  Although it’s a beautiful spring day, I’m about to share a glimpse of fall. We are offering a new product: an engagement album.  The images from the bride and groom’s engagement session are…


Jules Ko Wedding Photography: Inspire Boston

It has been a while since I posted something related to weddings. You can imagine how ‘not-so-vibrant’ wedding season is in Boston once the weather gets cold and gloomy.  But during the winter months, there are a lot of training going on behind the scenes, and meeting up with clients, booking weddings for the upcoming wedding season,…


Boston Portrait Photographer: Violette

I met Violette through doing headshots of a very good and talented friend, Geam. She’s a budding new jazz vocal artist, with 2 albums out (that I know of), and a recent grad of Berklee College of Music here in Boston.  She currently resides in NYC, but if her name wasn’t enough of a clue,…


LA Baby: Boston Portrait Photographer

Last month, we traveled to a wedding in the SoCal and  had the pleasure of meeting a sweet little guy in LA.  His parents call him Cas.  His mom is my cousin.  It seems we’ve always lived far apart from each other, so it was such a treat to spend an evening with her family…


A day older, a year older

This is a little random… I’m really bad with names (I will forget coworkers names sometimes if I am off for a week), But old friends, I won’t forget you or the details about you… I cherish old friends… I’m really bad with comprehending foreign accents in both English and Korean, so imagine how bad…


Max, Sam and 10 year anniversary: Boston Portrait Photographer

I was invited into a beautiful family’s home to capture a 10 year wedding anniversary portrait session.  The day was too crisp to try an outdoor session, so we got comfortable indoors.  Max and Sam are brothers, sweet as can be, but at times, they could pass off as twins.  They had beautiful heaps of…


a lunch stroll: Boston Photography

Something to start off a week and the month of March with, a large drink of Architectural milk!  (Hood is the mainstream milk brand in the MASS area).  Following a cold weekend, I do believe there are promising signs of spring!  It was 46 degrees today when I went on a walk around the new…


Baby D's 1st birthday: Boston Portrait Photographer

I am not playing favorites when I posted one nephews images over another.  We really had 2 nephews from each of our brothers, due on the same date in opposite parts of the country.  Baby D was born a week later from Baby I, and he also is an amazingly cute, and sweet baby boy.…


Happy Valentines Day! | Boston Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Did you know, St. Valentine was a Roman Christian priest?   He  was martyred for marrying couples while the Emperor outlawed marriage for a period of time so that the soldiers would stay in the battlefield longer.  If there was no marriage, there wouldn’t be families the soldiers wanted to come home to as frequently. …